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AD: Mikenzie Clark

CW: Abby Hancharik

When midnight hits and tired attacks, a cup of coffee makes no sense.

Brews have gone bad. Baristas have gone to bed, and cafes are closed.

Each bar contains 150mg of caffeine. It's the chocolate that defies

evening standards, and pushes snooze's buttons.

For the late night study sessions, midnight Uber drivers, and all those who work well into the night. 

Out of Home

college campus _1_edited.jpg
college _2 mockup_edited.jpg
uber mockup_edited.jpg
night falls__edited.jpg
late night shift.png

The AWAKE cafe will appear in areas with heavy foot traffic.

When the sun goes down, the AWAKE bar unwraps to reveal the actual bar where night-owls can purchase caffeinated chocolate to keep

their night going strong. 

AWAKE BAR (3).png
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