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Athletic Brewing 

AD: Kenzie Clark 

CW: Julia Couch

CW: Andrew Tuchel

With non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing, you’re able to drink in places you otherwise couldn’t, unlocking new occasions to enjoy the soothing taste of a brew.

Out of Home

In the week leading up to National Beer Day on April 7th, vending machines full of Athletic Brewing beers will be placed around Atlanta in unexpected locations where people might want a beer but can’t normally have one.

laundry mat_edited.jpg
gym final mockup_.png
train mockup .png

Beer lovers who visit the vending machine’s Instagram will swipe up to give permission to receive a mysterious notification on National Beer Day.

Drink Drop

When viewers click accept, drivers will use GPS to deliver a beer straight to their location.

Scooter Delivery AB Mockup.png
Rush Hour Brews
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